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My name is Virginia. I am a graphic designer with broad experience in marketing (especially digital projects) and a passion for digital illustration. 

My interest in advertising led me to study my MA in Creative Advertising at Falmouth University. In addition to coming up with creative concepts, I started executing my own ads and this is how I approached the world of graphic design and started this exciting career. 

I am from Italy but the magic happened in London and continued in sunny Barcelona, where I am currently based. 

Since I was little I was passionate about creative disciplines (such as drawing, painting, ceramics..) and by growing up this passion led me to digital illustration, as I combined it with the technological tools used in visual communication.

I believe continuous education is key to self-improvement, therefore I certainly didn't stop studying after University. In fact, I often take on new courses and I dedicate myself to new personal projects to stay updated with design and marketing trends or tools.


I am open to new challenges, so if you're interested in what I do, please get in touch :)

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