the whipped cream kitties LOGO & TYPOGRAPHY

Fictional brand visual identity project involving logo design, typhography and illustration work in Adobe Illustrator. At the moment only one of the characters is Mac'd up but more are visible in the sketch, just waiting to be computer-drawn. For the logotype I started from an existing font to create my own Whipped Cream font. The objective was to create a nonsensical, fun project that could be eventually used for commercial purpose (for example a comic strip). The characters are figments of my imagination. I love cute kitties and I love whipped cream, so why not trying to combine them together and see what comes out? This is an ongoing personal project that I started in August 2016. All rights reserved. 


the logo


steps to create the logo

Quayside font_remake_process.jpg


Cat1 poster_v2a.jpg


Whipped Cream bottle_poster2a.jpg

kitties character sketch