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Logo design and launch party event for Plato Group's new marketing office in Barcelona. The office was the house of all the brands being part of Plato Group. From here the name of "The House Of Brands". A new logo was needed before the new office launch party.


The project involved:

  • designing the HOB logo, starting from the Plato Group's one;

  • creating the concept for the launch event;

  • creating the video storyboard;

  • designing the party invitation flyer;

  • shooting and editing the video to show it at the launch party.


The video was shot and edited entirely in-house. The concept of the event launch was about the marketing team members being the ingredients of the HOB cocktail. 


Tools used: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.


Work created at Plato Group in June 2018.

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